Advice for Aspergers

A few pieces of advice for people suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome:

You are very sick. The only difference between you and an autistic person is that you are fully aware of your condition and in a short run you can try to pretend that there is nothing wrong with you. Only a short time… Your condition will inevitably lead you to severe neurosis and major depression that you will have to fight your whole life. You are pretty much doomed.

You might naively think that “someone” can help you. You will look for that “someone” in order to prove to yourself that you are worth something.

Forget about it. Don’t look for such a person. He/she doesn’t exist.

No-one can help an Asperger because no-one can understand you. Even another Asperger cannot do it because he/she is as overwhelmed by “outside stimuli”, self-contained and non-empathic as you are. Forget about it completely. Aspies can’t achieve what normal people can. That’s the way that it is. Even if by a sheer coinsidence you happen to find “your real love” it will soon end when your partner realizes that you’re a freak of nature. Sad but true. An Aspie can’t be a good patner in anyone’s life, can’t be a good lover, can’t be a good husband/wife, and can’t be a good father/mother either. You can try to be normal in front of your boss and workmates because your interactions are limited to work duties and such. And even when they find out… well, you can always change a job. No hard feelings. You will feel like shit then, but at least no-one was really hurt and you can get over it.

But imagine you set up a family, you experience all that’s important in life: love & being loved, intimacy, sex, parenthood, and so on. Sounds great…till you lose it. And sooner or later you will because that’s the way of an Aspie. Everything turns to shit sooner or later. So you will not only make yourself more depressed than you have ever been, but also screw up other people’s life (wife’s/husband’s and kids’). You can’t miss what you’ve never had, so I strongly suggest you: don’t forget that you are in fact doomed to fail, at least as far as healthy, humane relationships are concerned. You can’t have them. Don’t cheat other and yourself. Focus on whatever boring, repetitive job you have (that’s the only type of job an Aspie can maintain) and your your obsessive/compulsive hobbies and interests.

In short: don’t repeat my mistakes.

The world hates us. Always has and always will. And for a reason. As Aspies we will never be happy, so why to make unhappy other people? And if you don’t believe me, read this:

Asperger’s Partners Speak

It’s one of few websites that shows the truth about us. Others are full of crap and nonsense about “happy marriages with Aspies”. Bullshit!

If you have an Asperger’s Syndrome (and thus 99% probability to have depression too) and you think you love a person, stay away from her/him, for God’s sake!